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EST. 2004

Your Neighborhood Grille


Dilworth Neighborhood Grille opened in the Historic Cavalaris Village located on East Morehead Street in Charlotte, NC in 2004.

What started as an idea for a small family restaurant/bar quickly became a hot gathering spot for all things Charlotte. Our unique space allows us to host multiple, large events in addition to our everyday lunch and dining hours.

Not to be lost was the effort to create memorable dishes at affordable pricing. We combined our culinary backgrounds and likings, guest input, and staff recommendations, then applied them to our newest menu.

We also take great pride in our civil obedience and commitments by partnering with over dozens of local non-profit organizations and charities that work so hard to better our community. We always have an open ear as to how we can help through donations, event space for fundraisers, or hands on help!

From lunch meetings to family dinners, breakfast presentations to birthday parties, rehearsal dinners to game watches, and everything in between; Dilworth Grille has always been a popular venue.